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This is the story of my journey as I begin to explore the field of language revitalization. I plan to update as the story unfolds. I am a Linguistics re-entry student with a love for education and s... [more]
Travels in Waikiki, Kona, Pearl Harbor, and Volcano National Park
Yuncaypata is a small, indigenous village located approximately fifteen kilometers north of Cusco Peru. For over ten years the community pleaded with the municipality of Cusco to improve their sourc... [more]
This was my first vacation in over ten years! My girlfriend and I went to Italy and spent a couple of days in Rome, Florence, and Venice. Rome has the best food, and features the ruins of the Roman Em... [more]
Join our family as we travel north through the Midwest to view the Great American Eclipse on Monday, August 21st!
A visit to the Dragon Cave in West Hills (near Kunming) provides some interesting re-enactment of one's life, as viewed by Chinese tradition. What's the message? Hard work is key to success but you n... [more]
...But it is not always working. To improve your chances, visit the Dragon Cave near Kunming, in Yunnan, China. Here you can try improving your chances. Dragon in the Chinese tradition represent the ... [more]
Just a few landscapes from a quick two mile hike north of Vernal, Utah including some petroglyphs!
This is a private museum in the heart of the business district. The collection includes tomb figurines, white and blue porcelain, jade, Buddhist statues. All are exquisite items in a Beautiful setting... [more]
We went to a minor league baseball game and got some incredible seats.
Each year, they give away this award to 5 teachers in Central Texas. It's an incredible honor to receive and I couldn't be more proud of her!
Spring Time in Texas is just usual. Warm, weeds in the yard, sun flowers and the bamboo starts to grow again.
It was a cloudy day in 2015. My fidgety 12 year old mind was all over the place. I was so oblivious as to what was about to happen. I was so innocent, not knowing that in the next couple of hours, the... [more]
Happiness, true happiness, is a inner quality. It is a state of mind. I hope throughout this reading everyone feels a little inspired. Inner peace. Though life gets rough and tough at times and you ma... [more]
Was a beautiful day, mid 70s and time to enjoy a couple of local brews.
Spring is finally arriving to Albany. So I toured the neighborhood and took some pictures. We had a wet winter, and we can expect a very robust spring. So take this tour with me, and enjoy.
Salado, TX is about a 15 minute drive from where we live and it has this place that does glass blowing. The best part is, they let you participate and make your own glass!
This was one of the stops on our cruise and easily the best stop we had. I really enjoyed every aspect of Belize and hope to be able to return again soon.
This was one of the stops on a cruise we went on in 2014. With the exception of Belize, this was probably my second favorite stop on the trip.
Every year in Dallas, TX, they put on a big Texas State Fair. It's mostly famous for the unhealthy food, but there was quite a few other things to do there too. This Story is about our trip to Dallas.
Arlo Guthrie is a true folk artist with his most famous song being Alice's Restaurant. My wife and my parents had the fortunate chance to see him in concert with being only 3 rows from the stage!
I was fortunate enough to get a chance to make a trip to Berlin and wanted to share some of the most memorable events that took place.
Austin, TX has an incredible (and free!) botanical gardens. My wife and I took a trip down on a somewhat warm day to check it out. It was incredibly peaceful and beautiful.
So, I had this old Dell PC sitting around, but it was a pretty basic machine at the time when I bought it a few years ago. Instead of buying another PC, I decided to crack this sucker open and upgrade... [more]
My first year teaching in Chicago Public Schools was the year they went on Strike (the first week of school!). It was quite the experience and in the end, we got a site down and an agreement. It was ... [more]
We finally decided to get rid of the carpet (dogs made a mess of it anyway!) and went with something called "Vinyl Planking". It looks just like wood, but is cheaper and much easier to maintain and cl... [more]
I decided that the area around my classroom door was in need of something. I visited the art department and the students decided to take on a semester long project of building a few murals from scratc... [more]
My nephews decided to sign up for Karate lessons and I had a great time going to see them in action! I trained in Tang Su Do for 12 years in my youth and know that it played a very strong role in defi... [more]
My wife graduated in 2016 from Texas A&M University with a Masters in Education. I was so proud of her and was practicing taking pictures with my new SLR camera (which I didn't do a great job with, I ... [more]
I subscribed to one of those food delivery services where they give you the ingredients and you cook. I took a picture of all of the dishes that I made and wanted to share!
We love miniature dachshunds - to the point of being absolutely obsessed! We currently have 2 dachshunds, Abby at the age of 14 and Lola at the age of 4. We sadly lost our dear Willy (16 year old) on... [more]
I was a science teacher in Utah and had the most amazing classroom a teacher could ask for. There was a great painting on the wall when I first came and I insisted that it stay! Out of all of the clas... [more]
My wife and I lived in Chicago for almost 5 years and really enjoyed it! The lake was beautiful, architecture of the buildings were magical and not to mention all of the fantastic food. :)
I'm a big fan of trying all types of beer from around the world. Here are a few pictures of ones that I enjoyed the most!
My mom had a friend that was cleaning out her house before a big move and she found an Apple II all boxed up in perfect working condition! She gave it to me and I got it all setup. I haven't used thi... [more]
We usually take a few days after Christmas and head down to the beach when the hotels are cheap. We had a great time! The biggest reason we go is for the seafood.. but sleeping in late without having ... [more]