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Welcome to StoryPoint – Help Us Create Stories!

Welcome to StoryPoint – Help Us Create Stories!

From everyone here at StoryPoint, we want to provide a warm welcome to all our new members. Without you, StoryPoint would not be possible.

We are seeking to build a community of stories – the adventures and events that life brings that you would like to share with our community.

From now until November 30th, we will be paying out $50.00 via PayPal for the first 10 approved stories that are created and shared with our community.

Jodi B. $200 StoryPoint Winner for August 2017

StoryPoint has already paid out over $400 to our members and we’d like to reward you for helping us to build up our community.

A few rules:

  • The story should contain a good narrative that describes what you will be sharing.
  • We’d like the story to contain at least 4 photos with at least 1 containing a GPS location.
  • Each photo should have a comment describing the photo.
  • You agree that the story will be published in our community and may be used on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • First 10 StoryPoint approved Stories will get paid $50.00 each. (limit, one per person).
  • Final approval for publishing a story is within the sole discretion of WebH2O’s CEO.


Check out some of our recent community stories:

Bringing clean water to homes in Yuncaypata, Peru.





Yuncaypata is a small, indigenous village located approximately fifteen kilometers north of Cusco Peru.

For over ten years the community pleaded with the municipality of Cusco to improve their source water. The majority of their children have three worms in their bellies.

The source water for the village travels seven kilometers in an open trench through a cow pasture. About five years ago, our foundation, the Kumpi Mayu Foundation, installed a one large capacity water filter in the center of Yuncaypata.

The village finally had access to purified, bacteria free water. However, although the water filter was centrally located, community members still needed to carry water to their homes. For some, it was very close, for others it was a fair distance. Water is heavy. [read more]


Our Great American Eclipse Adventure!





Join our family as we traveled north through the Midwest to view the Great American Eclipse on Monday, August 21st of 2017. [read more]


Every fish wants to be a dragon…





…But it is not always working. To improve your chances, visit the Dragon Cave near Kunming, in Yunnan, China. Here you can try improving your chances. Dragon in the Chinese tradition represent the emperor, and by extension a position of power and wealth. So the fish wanting to become a dragon represents the human struggle for a better life. It is common for mothers and grannies to go there to pray for success in a coming big exam or for promotions. [read more]

What is StoryPoint?

StoryPoint is a new mobile application that helps you to create and share stories about your memories and life events. Create your stories with text, voice, pictures and GPS to provide a rich way to share your experiences with others.

  • Create a beautiful view of your story automatically
  • Control who you share it with
  • Add your story to our StoryPoint Community

StoryPoint is FREE – Download Today!

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